Friday, May 20, 2005

What Do I Do When I'm Supposed to Be Working?

Surf the Web, of course. God, I love the Internet. So here's some sites that I visit at work:

Television Without Pity
Gotta love the snarky recaps

Las Vegas Talk
For people obsessed with Vegas just like me - enablers?

More obsessions

Thunder From Down Under
As if I needed any more reasons to come to Vegas - YES these men are THAT good!
Wow have I been lazy and not written in this in a while. I suppose it would be helpful if I remembered I HAD a blog. But anyway...

Seeing as though I haven't written in this since January of last year life has managed to remain mundane with some insanely crazy moments.

Somehow I've managed to get to Vegas twice (July '04, Jan '05) with another trip planned for July - I am officially obsessed since Vegas allows the "me" I keep under wraps to come out. But as they say "What Happens Here, Stays Here". That place has inspired me to do a career change and move there - when all of this will happen, who can say?

I also managed to get held up at gunpoint within my apartment complex walking to the damn bus stop in September. Who the hell can be bothered to dress in black with a ski mask and grap their semi-automatic friggin' rifle to rob someone at 6 in the morning? They got nothing since I started screaming and whoever was in the get-away car left their ass as they ducked behind a dumpster. But I have been turned into a cynical, distrustful, suspicious-minded, bitter, uptight bitch on wheels. And do I care? Not one bit. And that's on a good day.
Moving on to things that make me less angry....

Fire. I hate fire. I think I need to move, like, now. In this same apartment, our building caught on fire. We didn't have much damage, but - a FIRE?! Come on people. Now not only can I be secretly traumatized by 6 AM in the morning and humans, add to that list sirens and my own apartment. And I wondered why people needed therapy. HA!

I SO cannot to wait to leave this hellified state. Actually this whole Coast. I just need to quit this life (no not like that - put down the phone) and start my life. The one I'm meant to have - the one that I'm living for me. There is more to life than doing what one is told or doing what one is expected to do. What I am forced to be and what I know I can be are two very different things. And the conflict between the two is escalating and reaching a point to where I'm going to have to be true to myself. Wasn't I supposed to be grown by now?