Monday, October 24, 2005

I Wrote a New Poem (and don't try to steal it)

YAY the end of my close to two year writer's block!

Puzzle Pieces

Trying hard to fit in
Don’t know where the real me’s been
Losing myself in the meaning
Of what other people think
Tried too hard not to be me
Lost my way
But now I see
That the road less traveled is the road I need
Blurred is the line between me and her
Tattered the soul that lies within
Stretched in the distance is a journey’s end
Answers will appear much further
Searching self darkness for the light
Wandering aimlessly through mind’s night
Where is the place where I should be?
What is the way that I should see?
Too much time gone and wasted
Not enough time has passed me by
Many sorrows pains and pinches
No scars to show what’s learned
Finding the way through life’s valleys
Separating fact from inward scorn
Running from dangers imagination
Running toward excitement of life unseen
Throw away everything
Keep nothing back
Collect bits and pieces
Discard the trash
Round the round beginning no end
Infinity’s loop, gravity’s spin
Checkerboard patterns in the daylight
Thoughts smooth as satin flowing bright
Embrace release relax inhale
Believe forget emote impale
Open textbook word upon word
Writing speaking teaching turn
Health and feeling
Thought and speech
Bright dot visions
Felt beneath
Puzzle pieces willing to grow
Fill in the spaces as we go
How to fit and work and be
Only years will make new me

©BAS 10/24/05

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Today is definitely Monday even though it's Tuesday

So I was off yesterday (about the only good thing about working for the government is that we get days we didn't know existed off). It would serve to purpose that today would, indeed, be my Monday. Went to bed at 12:30, my usual time. Proceeded to wake up at 1:15, 2:30, 3:45, 4:15, 4:45, 5:00, 5:18 and finally just got up at 5:25, 5 minutes before when I was supposed to get up. I decide that despite the fact that it is Monday, I will make an effort to spend time on my hair and actually dress. Hair? Fuzzy. Makeup? WTF is wrong w/my right eyebrow? Anyway....I get dressed, ripping my shirt in the process. I pick up my shoes to change into at work - oh look at the cobwebs in them. After hunting for the owner of that web to no avail, I am finally ready to go. In the dark. I walk out the door, yes it's a nice 63 degrees but humidity is also 85%. Which means my hair went from S to in 2.5 seconds. So walking along through my complex and down the road to my bus stop I walk face first into a spiderweb. A very, very large spiderweb. That i can't see. Because it's dark. And the headlights are blinding me. I arrive at the bus stop swiping crazily at my face and being conscientously ignored by the suprisingly abundant number of people already there. And so begins my day. Tired, ripped, limp-haired and covered in invisible spiderwebs. Happy Monday even though it's Tuesday.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I got this from a friend and had nothing better to do

100 things about me

I’m very shy
I absolutely LOVE to read
My favorite colors are black and purple
I’m a good listener
I type very fast
Makeup is my favorite plaything
I always wear contacts – if you’ve known me since 1996, you have never seen me in glasses
I love summer
Vegas is my favorite place to be
I can’t swim
I don’t drive
I play the flute
I’m scared of heights, but I love to fly
Needles – I HATE needles, but I want a tattoo
E-mail and IM was made for me – I love to talk, but only there
I’m more angry than one might think
I write poetry
I have journals dating back to 9th grade (that was 15 years ago, ya’ll)
My job bores me
My favorite lunchmeat is Lebanon bologna
My favorite sandwich is a reuben
My drink of choice is Jack & Coke
Guilty pleasure – I watch “Laguna Beach”
I’m the oldest of three sisters
I skipped kindergarten
I love the 80’s
I wanted to be Diana Ross when I grew up
I love TV – I watch too much
Museums make me happy – so do libraries
I’m a big fan of Impressionist art
I almost never cry
James Bond movies are my favorite, especially “The Man With the Golden Gun”
I am an idiot at math
I read extremely fast (makes for an expensive habit)
I hate spending money on myself
I hate shopping
I love to eat
I am impatient
I’m also stubborn (I’m a Taurus – true to the bull)
I’ve got a dirty mind
I hate the sound of people chewing
My musical tastes are “weird” to some
I love Motown music
And disco
And music from The Phantom of the Opera
I don’t like my smile
I don’t like talking on the phone – but you might be the exception
In order to graduate, I had to “work” in a hospital, a nursing home and a community health center
Hospitals scare me
I hate nursing homes
I’m scared of doctors
My middle name means “beautiful flower”
I’m not as nice as people think
I keep a lot to myself
Cleaning sucks
But I’m addicted to cleaning products
I can’t go to bed before midnight
I get up at quarter of five
I don’t wear skirts
I love 4” heels now, but only wore sneakers through college
I have a thing for BBC America
I hate guacamole
I gained 20 pounds after college but still wear the same size
I don’t exercise
I don’t like the color pink
My favorite flowers are morning glories and honeysuckle
I’m learning that what’s inside really does count most
Unorthodox people are far more interesting and cool
My favorite snack is hint of lime tortilla chips with peach salsa
Cantaloupe makes me queasy
So does honeydew
Watermelon makes me itch
I have a sweet tooth
I’m afraid of failure
I haven’t been to the movies in a year and a half
I haven’t been on a date in over two years
Beans are disgusting
My bed gives me backaches
I’ve seen a tornado coming head-on – and lived
I’ve been in my apartment when the building caught on fire – and lived
I’ve had a semi-automatic rifle pointed at me by a masked man – and lived
I’ve decided my life doesn’t need any spice and I am truly blessed
I don’t have any kids
I’ve always wanted to work in downtown DC
I never celebrated a birthday until I was 13 – they’re overrated – I’ve not had a birthday to remember
I want to ride a horse
I want to go to Paris
I hate pine furniture
I can’t dance
I’ve never been drunk (I WAS TIRED, OK?!)
I’ve never been to the Washington Monument (walked by it, around it, looked at it)
I love to walk down the Mall to the Lincoln Memorial and watch the sunset from the steps
I hate white bread
I have never broken a bone
I don’t like gold, but I do like silver
My eyes are my best feature
I’ve never seen any of the “Matrix” movies
Or the newest “Star Wars” movies
My memory is horrible
This list was hard to write